eTidings, Q & A about our revival

But first, a little vacation action.  Kurt, one of our junior acolytes, stands next to the lighthouse on Block Island.  Hope you had a fun vacation, Kurt!

Come and See Q & A's

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We need your help...and would love 50 parishioners to attend "Come and See"
Our revival, Come and See, is going to be held on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, August 27--29, from supper at 5:30 till a bit after 8:30 each evening.  We will be at St. Stephen's in Ridgefield each evening.  The Rt. Rev. Stephen Cottrell from England will be preaching each evening--he is terrific!  All ages are welcome.

Come and See Q's & A's
Q:  What time does each day of the revival begin?
A:  It’s the same time for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (Aug 27—29).
Arrive for supper at 5:30 or whenever you get to St. Stephen’s.  There should be enough parking for everyone.
Worship & the “meat” of the evening begins at 7.  So supper is not ‘required.’  This gives commuters a little less stress to make a deadline for supper.  Supper will be ongoing between 5:30 and around 6:45.
Dessert follows at 8—then home to Redding.

Q:  Is Sunday evening a potluck supper?
A:  Yes!  Bring some nice dish to share.  Think picnic:  lawn chairs or blankets will be helpful.  We’ll be out on the lawn at St. Stephen’s.

Q:  What about the suppers the other evenings?   What happens then?
A:  On Monday evening Christ Church provides the supper.  On Tuesday St. Stephen’s provides it. 

Q:  What are the suppers like on Monday and Tuesday?
A:  They are simpler than Sunday’s supper.  We’ve designed them to be food that we can eat while standing with a small plate.  For instance, Christ Church’s Monday supper will be Mediterranean Mezzes (appetizers).  So that will include meatballs and sauce, veggie platters, almonds, olives, hummus, apricots, spanakopita, crackers.  Dessert we provide will be cookies.  We chose this with an eye to both thriftiness and ease of prep.  A huge thanks to all our bakers—of both meatballs and cookies.

Q:  Aren’t Doug and Ginny Hartline playing for us?
A:  Yes, they will be there on Monday evening to lead our singing and our worship.  St. Stephen’s is arranging for the other musicians.

Q:  So this bishop is a hotshot speaker?
A:  That’s his reputation!  Come and see…

Q:  Will there be a lot of rowdy shenanigans at this revival like you think of in the Deep South?
A:  Nope.  This is New England, and Fairfield County after all…JWe will be most staid and in very good taste—promise!

Q.  Will there be Eucharist?
A.  No—just a little story from the gospel each evening, a couple of hymns, a few short prayers, and a razzle-dazzle sermon.  Holy Eucharist will be celebrated in the parish on the weekend of August 26 & 27 at the regular summer times.

Q.  What kind of help do we still need for this event?
A.  Many folks have already signed up to help.  Thank you!!  And...we still need a few people (MEN and WOMEN) to be a part of the kitchen crew to set up, replenish food, and clean up.  That means 2 more folks for Sunday and 2 more people for Tuesday.  Monday is all taken care of—thank you Laura and Mary Dale!
They will be a part of the team of several people that St. Stephen’s is setting up each night.   We’re using disposables so it should go fairly easily. 
We also need 2 more people to bake the meatballs we will provide you, and one or two more cookie bakers (one batch—4 dozen or more).
Thank you, everyone, for your help.  If you wish, you may sign up at church on the easel or email Beth at

And in other news...

TED on Tap returns for one last evening.  Join us on Wednesday, September 6, at 7 pm as we continue to discuss what makes a good life.  This one will be a triple-header so we'll meet from 7 till about 8:30.  See you then!