I'm a Visitor

People who try out Christ Church often comment how wonderful their experience was.  We have coffee and treats after the service in the Parish Hall, friendly people all around and a life-changing faith message communicated through song and Scripture.  We don’t see each other as visitors or members, insiders or outsiders; we’re all here for the same reason, to grow closer to God.  We value every person’s story and respect where you are in your faith.  We welcome you to our parish!

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Are you planning to join us this weekend?  In case you’re a little nervous about trying a new church, we’ve tried to put ourselves in your shoes and asked some basic questions:

Where are you located?

Christ Church is located at 184 Cross Highway on the corner of Cross Highway and Black Rock Turnpike in Redding, CT. The main entrance to the church is on Black Rock Turnpike, as is our stair-free entrance.  The entrance on Cross Highway is closest to the nursery and church school.

We park perpendicularly on the shoulders of Cross Highway.  Overflow parking is at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club lot.

What times are your services?

Sunday mornings at 8 am and 10 am

There will be a greeter at each of the doors to welcome you and direct you in case you need help finding the nursery drop off, coat rack, or restrooms.

How long is the service?

The 8 am service is about an hour.  The 10 am service has music, so it runs a little longer (about 75 minutes).

What do I do with my kids during the service?

Children of all ages are welcome at the services.

You may choose to bring your youngest kiddos (birth – Pre-K) to the professionally staffed Cherub Room (nursery) during the service.  If you choose to put your child(ren) in the nursery, please make plans to come a few minutes early in order to have enough time to register them and get them settled.   

Church School for older kids runs from 10:00 till halfway through the service.  Kids enter during Announcements and may receive Communion with their parents.

What can I expect to happen during the service?

We give you a cheat sheet as soon as you walk in!  When you enter church you will be handed the day’s bulletin, which takes you through every step of the service.  The order of service is really easy to follow, but don’t worry – nobody will mind if you don’t know when to stand, sit or sing!

Can I bring friends?

Of course!

What should I wear?

We don’t have a dress code; we want you to be comfortable.  Want to break out your Easter finest and put your kids in spring dress up clothes?  Have at it!  Want to wear something more casual?  That’s fine too.  You’ll see a wide variety of clothing choices at Christ Church; we try not to focus on that.  Trust us, you’ll be fine.

Do I have to give money?

No.  Our ushers will take up an offering during the service, but that is not a request for money.  Our regular attendees participate in that part of our service, and see this act of giving back to God as worship.  Please don’t feel any pressure at all to participate. (No one’s taking notes, promise!)

Do I participate in Communion?

All baptized Christians are invited to take Communion; you don’t have to be an Episcopalian or a member of Christ Church.  We hope you’ll take part!

Can I come to your church on Christmas or Easter even if I don’t plan on coming regularly after that?

Absolutely.  No strings attached, but we'd love to see you more often!

If you have any questions about Christmas or Easter services or about Christ Church, please call our Church Office at 203-938-2872 during office hours.  The Office is open Monday-Thursday, 9:15 till 2.