Couch Hill Preserve, adjacent to Huntington State Park

Couch Hill Preserve, adjacent to Huntington State Park

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Welcome to Redding!

Redding is a unique community, nestled in the heart of Fairfield county. Our residents are united in the preservation of the wonderful quality of life we enjoy.

A small New England town, Redding was incorporated in 1747. At 32 square miles, and a population of 9,300 in about 3,500 households, Redding's rural character belies its proximity to New York City (53 miles) and Boston (141 miles) as well as the Long Island Sound (14 miles).

Frequently ranked as one of the best towns of its size in Connecticut, we have a well- educated population that values its strong public school system, availability of public services for residents of all ages, low crime rate and access to recreational activities. Redding has a Triple A credit and bond rating.

We treasure our country landscape, 36% of which is permanently preserved as open space. Redding has 60+ miles of hiking trails, two State Parks, and its own Topstone Park providing residents and their guests a place to swim and canoe.

The Mark Twain Library is a hub of cultural and activity in the Town with a famed annual book fair that draws treasure hunters from afar. New Pond Farm Educational Center offers an array of hands-on activities for all age groups, promoting active engagement with the natural world.

Redding's Community Center provides a wealth of programming for all residents through our Parks and Recreation Department and also houses the Heritage Senior Center.

We are reminded each day that the vision for Redding’s future must include her past, and are actively engaged in the preservation of our historic structures. We recognize that a community’s greatest asset is its residents, and we encourage participation in town activities and governance at all levels.

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