Ministries within Our Parish

These are many of the groups within our parish that work together in God’s mission.  For more information about any of them please email Beth Cox, our administrative assistant, at or call us at 203-938-2872.  We’d love to get you connected.

Geraniums in the sanctuary. Image by Eileen Honey.

Geraniums in the sanctuary. Image by Eileen Honey.

Altar Guild:  These men and women “set the table” and “do the laundry” so that we can worship in the beauty of holiness.  They also make our lovely flower arrangements each week.  This is a quiet and profoundly rewarding ministry behind the scenes.  

Chancel Choir and Youth Choir:  Our choristers lead us in worship at the 10:00 service on Sundays, and their gift of song is always uplifting.  More folks are most welcome to join.  For more information on the choirs, please click here.

Coffee Hour Providers:  These good folks make sure we have a lovely reception waiting for us after our 10:00 service.  This is a time to deepen connections with each other.  Some have called Coffee Hour the “eighth sacrament.”

Dorothy Day Hospitality House Meals:  Each month parishioners contribute spaghetti, sauce, and meatballs to this shelter for feeding the homeless and the working poor in Danbury.  Our meal group monitors the contributions and takes them over to Danbury once each month.

Eucharistic Visitors take the Holy Communion to people who cannot easily attend church anymore.  They bring the love, compassion and presence of Jesus to all they visit.

Finance Committee:  Our financial experts help us with budgeting and long-range forecasting.   They willingly lend their expertise to the parish and they keep us on very solid footing.

Five Days with Mom Group:  These folks organize our outreach to the mothers of Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Institution.  We host their children for five days in the summer, providing the moms a chance to be with their children.  

Graveyard Restoration:  In 2014 a local Eagle Scout candidate and parishioner led us in restoring our colonial graveyard.  Parishioners have ably picked up the mantle and continue the work of straightening and cleaning gravestones.

Hearts and Hands:  This group of loving women helps with receptions after memorial services and funerals.  It’s a ministry of compassion and caring.

Our Hospitality Committee dishes up ice cream sundaes at back-to-school Sunday.

Our Hospitality Committee dishes up ice cream sundaes at back-to-school Sunday.

Hospitality Committee:  Our superstar cooks and providers of hospitality help parish events to run smoothly.  They have fun, too, as they help us to socialize with aplomb.




Liturgical Assistants leading our procession from the graveyard on All Saints' Sunday

Liturgical Assistants leading our procession from the graveyard on All Saints' Sunday

Liturgical Assistants:  These kids and adults include readers, acolytes (altar boys and girls), bell-ringers, chalice ministers and ushers.  They are scheduled a few months in advance and we have many folks who are happy to fill these ministries.

Memorial Garden Task Force:  This group has established a Memorial Garden at Christ Church, for the purpose of interring parishioners’ cremains (ashes).  They have shown grit and dedication over the years of hard work.  

Mission Committee:  Our Mission Committee works to identify and help with need locally as well as around the world.  They have helped smaller endeavors in town and in Danbury; they have also helped steer our Well campaigns for Uganda.  Other projects have included Kindness Cards, Redding Rakes, Rise Against Hunger, and Parents’ Night Out.

Property Committee:  This group of hearty, handy persons coordinates our property upkeep chores and helps us to anticipate needed improvements and which contractors may be able to help us.  They continue to do a fabulous job; our property has never been in better shape!

Stewardship Committee:  This group of parishioners runs our Stewardship campaign each year and remind us of all the abundance and grace we pass through every day.   

Parish Friends:  These folks provide meals to people who need a break for whatever reason and they also give rides when needed.  They are our in-house angels.

A member of our St. Francis Guild readying the borders for the winter.

A member of our St. Francis Guild readying the borders for the winter.

Saint Francis Guild:  These men and women help us to keep our perennial beds and borders in tiptop condition, mulching, weeding, and winterizing.   They contribute immeasurably to the beauty of our grounds.

Vestry:  The Vestry is the governing board of the parish, responsible for caring for finances, property, and for helping us to flourish.  There are 9 members of the Vestry and 4 officers:  Two wardens, a Treasurer, and the Clerk of the Vestry.  The rector presides over the Vestry. Vestry minutes are available in the "Vestry and Financial Info" box outside the administrator's office.  For more information on the Vestry, click here.


Welcoming Committee:  This group helps to welcome and orient newcomers to our church.  In the past they have prepared welcome baskets and hosted newcomers’ teas at the rectory with the Vestry.