Music Enhances Our 10 AM Sunday Services

Preludes center us in meditation, preparing our minds to let go of everyday worries; postludes help us to depart with renewed energy.

Our Chancel Choir's broad repertory gives us classics of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and Mozart and also the music of contemporary composers such as Calvin Hampton, Hal Hopson, Mark Miller, John Rutter, Natalie Sleeth, Audrey Snyder, Heather Sorenson.  The chancel choir helps to lead us in worship and deepens our spiritual experience with special liturgical music and diverse anthems.  This congenial and dedicated group is open to anyone who likes to sing and can devote two hours of preparation per week--an hour before and after the 10 am service each Sunday.

Every Christmas Eve our Pick-Up Choir for the early family service draws many singers who don't have time for an all-year commitment. 

We are fortunate to have instrumental soloists from the congregation.

Music is a vital, integral part of services.  Our Reuter pipe organ ably supports congregational singing and showcases both classical and contemporary preludes and postludes.

Twice a year on a Sunday evening we enjoy Jazz Vespers, a non-traditional service featuring vocals and improvisation on jazz standards introduced by brief readings or poems, often quirky and humorous, related to the songs and the theme of the evening. Some of our Jazz Vespers themes have included: Joy and Woe Are Intertwined (William Blake), Celebrating CreativityWhat Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter), Let's Move, What Is the Question?Reality Is the Mystery,  Lost and Found, It's Getting Hot In Here, Tell Me What To Do, and What's Your Problem?.  Our 20th semi-annual Jazz Vespers is appropriately scheduled for May 20, 2018.  In keeping with the quirky style of previous themes, it will be "The Eyes Have It" with songs that refer to eyes: I'm Beginning to see the Light, Smokes gets in your Eyes, Soul Eyes, I Only Have Eyes for you, Angel Eyes, Dark Eyes, Them There Eyes.  In addition to the fantastic husband-wife duo of vocalist Atla DeChamplain/pianist Matt DeChamplain, we will feature Dave Savitsky on saxophone, and the band will include bass and drums.

Martha Meyer is our Music Minister.  She has been with our parish for 10+ years and especially enjoys playing our Reuter Pipe Organ.