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Treasurer and Clerk of the Vestry


Gretchen von Dwingelo has been a member of Christ Church for almost 10 years.  And for most of that time she's been a Vestry member or our Treasurer.  Gretchen is an attorney and she enjoys lending her expertise to our parish.  She lives with her family in Redding.


Clerk of the Vestry

Mary Dale Lancaster has been a member of the church since her daughter was in 8th grade, going on about 6 years.  Mary Dale serves as Clerk of the Vestry, where she takes minutes at Vestry meetings.  She pays close attention and enjoys harnessing all the ideas and energy of the meetings, and putting all of it into a cohesive document. Mary (she goes by Mary and Mary Dale) says that Christ Church is a very special spot where the fellowship and goodwill make her feel welcome from the inside out.  She also enjoys the contemplation and thoughtful reflections that Sunday services elicit.  In her spare time, Mary loves to read, take walks, travel, watch movies, eat well, and study people.  And sometimes just breathe!