Confirming Our Faith

Confirmation for Teens


Our Confirmation Program is available for interested high school teens. Many of us were baptized when we were infants. Promises were made for us. We didn't understand them at the time; so Confirmation gives us the chance to explore and choose to claim those promises for ourselves.

We meet monthly and learn about what it means to live a Christian life.  We discuss the Bible and our faith, and ponder how to integrate this knowledge so we can make good and sound choices.  We talk about the life of the church and discuss the sacraments and how they are conduits for God's grace.  

During the school year our class members engage in service projects with other members of the congregation, giving them the opportunity to experience being part of an intergenerational Christian community. Teens continue their involvement in the life of the church by taking active roles in Sunday services.   The Confirmation Service is usually held on a Saturday in the spring and one of our bishops always presides at the liturgy.   For more info please call the Office at 203-938-2872. 

Confirmation for Adults

In the springtime we usually offer a program for adults who would like to be confirmed in their faith.  It lasts for five or six weeks and within that time we talk about Holy Scripture, the Tradition of the Church, our legacy of Reason, given us by our forebears in faith, and the Experience of the Christian life.  These are the four sources of authority for the Anglican Churches:  Scripture, Reason, Tradition, and Experience.  After completing the program adults are eligible for confirmation, should they desire.  

Who may be confirmed?  Those who were baptized as infants and who wish to take on the baptismal promises now in a very personal way.  Adults coming into the Episcopal Church from the Roman Catholic, Orthodox or Lutheran traditions are received into the Anglican Communion at a Confirmation liturgy.  Likewise those who are reaffirming their faith as adults may also make this reaffirmation at a Confirmation liturgy.